Philip Gray

This collection was inspired by my trip to Iceland, where I experienced the sheer power of nature, that lies just beneath the surface. Painting in near darkness, deep below the surface of the earth, in lava tubes, on glaciers and on volcanoes was a huge stimulant... just bare inches away from the awesome and destructive power of Mother Nature.

Fire and ice
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Size: 39" x 24"
  • SOLD

On the last evening of my journey, while sitting alone in a restaurant in Reykjavik, I attempted to capture my feelings about what nature was saying to me... and this is what I wrote:
“Lying deep within the veins of our inner being, lies a fire that wishes to be born....
I truly believe that within each of us a fire lies dormant and untapped until we can find the trigger that will allow it to explode into an amazing experience or direction”