A Peace Within

In 2016 I embarked on another epic expedition to find new inspiration, by attempting the very first ever series of underwater paintings in the caves and cenotes of Mexico.

Based in Tulum, which is situated on the east coast of Mexico and boasts some of the most surreal diving experiences in the world, my objective was to experience and capture the light rays and color palette that can only be seen whilst underwater in these locations.

The results were amazing and the experience truly altered my perception of nature and how I interpret it in my art. These unique underwater paintings are now available to view in my Kinsale Gallery along with many other works of previous adventures to discover the true nature of creativity.

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At World’s End

In search of more inspiration I journeyed to possibly the world’s most extreme location… Antarctica.  Here I once again combined my twin passions of painting and diving, to create what are quite possibly the most unique paintings in the world! Using oils on canvas, I managed to create two works of art, against the side of an iceberg, painting in sub zero temperatures and conditions.

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On top of the world

Everest – the very name is redolent of danger and adventure, and for many it is their ultimate dream to visit this imposing and inspirational location.

My momentous experience on this great mountain will be forever etched in my mind, both for the opportunity of painting in a location of unimaginable beauty, and for the sheer joy and challenge of the journey. People say that for those who have ventured through these regions, you will return a changed person.

This was certainly true in my case and it was a great joy to return with a new sense of perspective and appreciation of life itself. To get the full story, watch the video.

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A world within

In Autumn of 2011 my search for inspiration took me to the other side of the world, deep into the heart of Borneo’s rainforests to hidden places, where very few have ventured before.

I learned about life, I’ve learned about the special people that are there… they don’t have money, but they’re trying to retain the rainforest in as best way they can and now I understand why this has to be. This collection is inspired by the magical and almost spiritual journey through the forests.

These paintings are a tribute to the peoples of Borneo and their struggle to preserve their spectacular environment from destruction. I just hope that I have done the rainforest and the people justice.

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