Philip Gray

EVENTS - 2017




Saturday 4th February:              Gallery - High Wycombe

Sunday   5th February:              Gallery - WW Weybridge

Friday     10th March:                 Gallery - Artiuque, Canterbury

Saturday 11th March:                 Gallery - WW Solihul

Friday      31st March:                 Gallery - Hepplestone

Saturday  1st April:                     Gallery - WW Meadowhall

Friday       7th July:                     Gallery - WW Bath

Saturday    8th July:                    Gallery - WW Cardiff

Sunday      9th July:                    Gallery - WW Cheltenham

Saturday    5th August:               Gallery - WW Newbury

Saturday    5th August:               Gallery - WW Stratford

Sunday      6th August:               Gallery - WW Leicester

Saturday    9th September:         Gallery - Artique, Brighton

Sunday      10th September:       Gallery - WW Salisbury

Further dates to be added when confirmed