Philip Gray

During 2010 the world witnessed the uncontrollable power of nature, when a volcano erupted in Iceland which brought chaos to air travel across Western Europe. The event caught my imagination and stirred in me the desire to witness this source of awesome power.

My adventure to the extreme landscape of Iceland enabled me to paint on the volcano, on a glacier and deep below the earth's surface. The contrast between fire and ice inspired me to paint with a wider palette and freed my imagination to create paintings that are both scenic, yet somewhat surreal too.

I also discovered a whole new world, rarely explored and witnessed by only the most adventurous. The caves are a testament to the power of nature and it's endless process of creation. While it may seem a bit odd to paint underground, nevertheless I have tried to recreate the emotions they evoke and I feel very privileged to have witnessed these hidden realms, as they are themselves precious works of art.