Philip Gray

Into the deep

The ocean has always played a significant part in Philip’s life. As a naval diver, the extraordinary environment beneath the waves was an everyday experience. As an artist, he has a great connection with the sea and is continually inspired by it. For eighteen years he had his studio beneath a slipway in an old dockyard, located just yards from where he set off on his final voyage as a naval officer.

Philip has already challenged established boundaries by creating works on the ocean floor, 60ft beneath the surface. The paintings are utterly unique and Philip described it as one of the best experiences of his life. It comes as no surprise therefore that he is set to return to the deep for a ground breaking new project.

In March 2014, Philip headed out for another nautical adventure, attempting to paint whilst he wasunderneath the icebergs of Antarctica. This had never been attempted before, so what the paintings revealed is a genuine journey of discovery.

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